Cleaning House

The following is a list of stuff I’d like to sell before moving. All of it is lightly used, and all of it hasn’t been used in a while, which is why I’m bothering to sell any of it. Photos and additional information available upon request.

  • 28′ fiberglass extension ladder (paid $250, asking $200)
  • 5500 watt gas generator (paid $659, asking $525)
  • JVC stereo VCR (paid $289, asking $100)
  • Technics component stereo (paid ~$800, asking $200)
    • 40 watt x 4 channel tuner/amp w/ remote
    • pair of 3 way, 12″ speakers
    • dual cassette deck (both decks record)
    • cd player
    • turntable (SL-1200 motor)
  • 2000 Nissan Xterra SE, 4WD. 116,000 miles. Dented rear passenger door (wife bumped a pole at the gas station) but otherwise in very good condition. New tires, timing belt/water pump/belts, all fluids changed. $6,500.

All prices negotiable, but note that I already know for instance what CarMax will give me for the Xterra, and I’m not planning on dumping stuff if I don’t get a decent price for them.