2006 Task List

Now that I’ve officially accepted a new job and given my notice, I’ve started compiling a list of stuff I need to accomplish before January 2.

  • Find an apartment with a short term lease or a sublet in Chicago
  • Brush up on the various differences between PHP 4.3 and PHP 5.x, as well as PHP 5’s OO model
  • Obtain quotes from various movers (since I now have far too much heavy stuff to enlist my friends help to move in exchange for free pizza and beer)
  • Cash out my remaining AOL options (which will be just enough for me to buy two large pizzas and a six pack)
  • Inform everyone of my various new contact methods
  • Get the co-located servers out of my basement
  • Find a home for my personal server, preferably in the Chicago area
  • Use my AOL discounts to buy any hardware (laptop, LCD, etc) that I will need
  • Dump my brain into our department wiki at AOL

One thought on “2006 Task List

  1. Can’t you just leave the brain here, so that we can pick at it like a Thanksgiving turkey carcass and take what we need?

    Wiki, feh.

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