Taking the Good with the Bad

I’ve been swamped of late and as such haven’t been blogging recently. Not that that’s really an excuse. Enough has transpired recently that I thought I’d start again.

42° 2′ 4.6428″ north latitude, -87° 40′ 56.9424″ west longitude. That’s where I’m sitting right now, as I type on my laptop on the sofa. For the less geeky, that’s 933 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60202. We’ve been settling in and unpacking for 2 months now, and it’s finally starting to feel like home.

Visiting with my family yesterday, I found out that Aaron Gautier, son of Dan Gautier, was recently killed in Iraq. I’ve known Dan for more than a decade, and have been camping with Aaron and Dan numerous times in Luray, VA. The news saddened me, and my heart goes out to Dan and the rest of Aaron’s family. It seems unfair that he wasn’t old enough to drink, but he was old enough to lose his life in Iraq. He was a great kid, and he will certainly be missed.

On the lighter side, my cousin, Julie Edlow is now engaged to one of her former Recipe bandmates, Kris Kehr. Christi and I (and the whole Silver family, really) are tremendously excited for her. And I’m secretly hoping this will give me an excuse to buy yet more camera gear for her wedding.