No, They Don’t Give Out Free Cereal

So, my first week of MBA classes at Kellogg is done, and I can now say for certainty that the next two and a half years are going to kick my ass. Work, Strategy and Accounting classes, a house to keep up, and most importantly family time (login required) are pretty much destined to suck my remaining free time.  So expect even less posting for a while.

Granted they have the best part-time MBA program in the country, but it was a definite shock to have a mandatory all-day leadership seminar on the first Saturday after classes started. I guess I’m about 10 years out of practice.

One thought on “No, They Don’t Give Out Free Cereal

  1. Welcome to grad school! 2.5 years of complete exhaustion and pain. In the end, it will be worth it, but until then, there will be times when you question your sanity and resolve. Good luck!!!

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